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22/02/2014 15:46

​Come and join us for our first meeting after Go Green week 2014!

We will be welcoming any new members, whilst also going over how successful Go Green was.

Plus an exciting opportunity to discuss our plans for the next semester - what do you want to do next?

We have a few ideas but we want to hear from you:​

Find us Tuesday 25th 6pm LTJ

Go Green Society :-)

16/01/2014 12:45
A full fun-packed week with lots of events happening all over campus!

Cake sale
Wine Tasting (book in advance, details tbc)
Pedal power
Bike Ride
Hogsback brewery Tour (book in advance, details tbc)

And lots more...

Watch this space for full programme coming soon!

05/10/2013 22:07

We are having our very own taster session! On Sunday 6th October, 7pm in LTJ
This is a great opportunity to welcome new members to the team, discuss what we're going to do for the upcoming year, and have some fun!

There will be cake, so don't miss out! If you have other taster sessions to go to that's fine - just pop your head in and say hi :)

You will also have the opportunity to sign up to our maililng list so you can get
regular information of what we're up to and planning



See you there! :)
Go Green Society

29/07/2013 15:58
Hello GoGreeners! 
As a society, we are here to help all of you who care about the enviroment to adopt a lifestyle that is cleaner and greener! We look forward to welcome you all in September to the university and we do hope you join our so...ciety! 
At the moment, we are getting prepaired for the Freshers' week and the Freshers' Fayre, which take place between the 30th of September and the 4th of October. 
This year, we will introduce some new ideas, which will be announced as of October. But to give you a taste of what we are talking about, we will be giving "Green Tips" to everyone during the freshers' fayer and ofcourse through our webpages! 
Lastly, we want to welcome this new academic year with a motto that reflects the motivation of us all!
We are all very excited and looking forward in welcoming you!
03/05/2013 10:38

Don't for get to come to LTJ at 6pm on Tuesday for workshop run but People & Planet.

Click Image to see event and more details.

30/04/2013 22:27

Click here to see Event​.


See you all there !!!

22/04/2013 12:14

​Facebook Event

Ian (The next Ethics & Environment Officer) wants to tell us his plan for next year and gain our feedback on what we'd like him to do next year.

This event is open to all.

We may also discuss:
NUS Sustainablity Fund​carbonomissions.org.uk
Sustainability Fund Petition
Union Exec/Policy

07/02/2013 13:27

Hey Go Greeners!!!

Next week is GO GREEN WEEK!!!!!!

Click here to check the website for more information!!

Like the Go Green Facebook Page and join the event for each day!!

Go-Green Week 2013.jpg

18/11/2012 19:25

The Go Green society presents AVATAR!!
A movie that won 3 Oscars is now at our University!!
The Go Green Society is organising a "Can Film Night" and presents Avatar on Tuesday 20/11/2012 at 7:00pm at LTE (Lecture Theatre E)!!
Bring at least 5 empty drink cans (or any other recyclable material) and watch AVATAR for FREE!!

Swap your empties for free entry!!

We organise film screening as part of a programme of awareness raising around recycling!!
We all know how important it is to recycle, and most people know that drinks cans are recyclable. Even so, of the 8 billion drinks cans sold in the UK every year around half still end up in landfill sites.
The basic idea is that instead of paying to see the film you bring recyclable materials (cans, etc) as an entry fee!!
Join the event on Facebook:


12/11/2012 22:29

The Go Green Society is organising the First Bowling trip on Thursday Novermber 15th, 2012 at The Guildford Spectrum!!

Come along! Let's meet and have some fun playing ten pin bowling!!

Meeting points:
We will be outside Chancellors at 6:30 pm.
Then, on foot, we are going to Friary Bus Station at 7:00 pm.
We will take the bus 100 to go to The Guildford Spectrum.
We will be there at 7:30 pm.

Thursdays are student nights at the Spectrum, so the price is £4.50 per game with free shoe hire.
After the game we can hung around, having some food and drinks.

See you all there!!

Please join the event of Facebook:



23/10/2012 22:12

The EGM was successfully organized earlier today at Lecture Theatre J. The new members of the committee are:

  • President: Antonia Papaconstantinou
  • Vice President: Naya Constantinou
  • Treasurer: Jahnavi Sheth
  • Secretary: Litsa Protopapa
  • Publicity Officer: Andrea Kountouri

Thank all of you who came along!
email: ussu.gogreen@surrey.ac.uk

23/10/2012 22:10
​As the last two "Campus Accomodation Rounds" were a success, at 24/10/2012 there will be another one at 4:00pm and we hope to see you all there!!
GoGreen Society Members & Committee will split up into group and go round accomodation block chatting to student suggesting Green Tips & Gaining Feedback.

Come along & help make the university more sustainable as well as meet new people .

Email: ussu.GoGreen@surrey.ac.uk
19/10/2012 22:32

​Hello All,

Remeber that the GoGreen Society will be electing the committee who will be running the society until easter this Tuesday 6pm in LTJ.

As well being a opertunity to have you say as to who's on the committee but voting & standing as a candidate it also an opertunity to join the society or find out more about it aims & how you can get involved.

Any Question Email ussu.GoGreen@surrey.ac.uk

10/10/2012 20:20

Hi All, Our Accommodation walk round was a success so we are holding it again next week​. Also We will be having an EGM on thursday the 23rd October (6pm LTJ), please come along & Vote/Stand for Election. For more details email ussu.GoGreen@surrey.ac.uk or join our Facebook Event

07/10/2012 21:14

This session to a planning & dicussion session for our Campus Accomdation Walk Round Event on Wednesday 4pm till 6pm.

Come Along an get involved in helping to raise awareness of sustainable issues & the small things people can do in there accomodation save energy.

Facebook Event​

20/09/2012 14:01

If you interested in joining the GoGreen Society or want to drop by our stall at freshers fair to find otu more, then join our GoGreen @ Freshers Fair Event for details of what we'll be giving away, where will be & are plans for 2012/2013.

GoGreen @ Freshers Fayre​