ValenTINS Thursday

Every Can Counts

Go Green Society presents "Wall-E"!!!!!!!!

During the GO GREEN WEEK the Go Green Society is organising a "Can Film

Night" and presents "Wall-E" on
Thursday 14th of February

in Lecture Theatre E at 8pm!!!!!!
Are you ready to watch a movie for the ValenTINS day???
Come along to watch Wall-E with your friends or your ... love!!
Bring at least 5 empty drink cans (or any other recyclable material) and watch

Wall-E for FREE!!

             Hot Chocolate will be served for
£1!!  hot.chocolate.jpg

Swap your empties for free entry!!

We organise film screening as part of a programme of awareness raising

around recycling!!!

We all know how important it is to recycle, and most people know that drinks

cans are recyclable. Even so, of the 8 billion drinks cans sold in the UK every

year around half still end up in landfill sites.

The basic idea is that instead of paying to see the film you bring recyclable materials (cans, etc) as an entry fee!!

               Click here to join the event on facebook!!!