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So What Can I do Personally

Turn Off: As Simple as switching everything of when its not in use. 

Turn Down: Turning down the heating in just one room by one degree can save over 200 kg of CO2 per year

Reduce Reuse Recycle: Buy/Use less, Reuse what you've got either your self for by giving to somone who can, Recycle

HPP - Transport: Human, Then Public, Then Private Transport.

Consider, then Buy: If knowone buys something, very quickly people will stop selling it.

Eat Less Meat: Eat meat as a luxturary, Veg Soc

E-Petitions: Offical Way of submitting pertition to the goverment. Sign ones you aggree with or start you own.
Earth Hour:​ Global Event organise by WWF to raise awareness - take part - get involved
38 Degrees​: National Campaining Organisation - Join there mainling list, sign there petitions.​​
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