Society Costs 

As the University of Surrey Students' Union is now a registered charity, we need to make sure that there are opportunities for all students to take full advantage of what is on offer here in the Union. 

In order to look at this fairly, we're asking all Societies to state what their membership fees and other costs are during the year. We want to be clear that there is no 'wrong' amount that you're charging, but we're interested in seeing what you do with your membership fees (if you charge any), and what other costs there are for members. This is a great way to make sure that your Society and the Students' Union are constantly providing value for money!

To fill out the form, just head to the link below. The are three things we're interested in are:

  • Membership costs and breakdown of costs: What do you charge, and what is this membership fee used to cover?
  • Compulsory costs and breakdown of costs: Does your member need to pay any extra costs to take part in activities mentioned in your aims or objectives?
  • Optional costs and breakdown of costs: Does your Society have any optional costs (like socials) which members may need to pay?

Click here to fill out the form