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Room Request

​Minimum 5 days notice

Guest Speaker Request

10 days notice

Freshers & Refreshers Fayre

Closed Jan 20th

Status Meetings

Fall term 1 hr meeting between 9am-5pm

Locker Request

Closed until 2017

Union Vehicle Request

Book Here

Supply Bookings

Request equipment here

General Resources

Risk Assessment

Online Form & Instructions


Submit Hours


Due 28th April, 2017


​Frequently Asked Questions

Annual Report

Must submit before AGM in Spring

Societies Development Plan

Monthly Update (Societies Only)

​Submit by the 15th for each upcoming month

Website Training

Includes documents on editing your website


The Logo Guidelines for your Club/Society

Logo Drop Box

150x150 pixels​

Banner Drop

​Banner Drop Box

Activity Calendar

​Check out union supported events

Committee Members

Add committee members here​


Cash Guide

How to deposit and withdraw cash at the Union

View your funds

View Own Funds, Transactions & Budgets

Withdraw your funds

Request Money from your Own Funds or Budget

Fundraising via RAG


Zone Finance Request

Event & Trip Planning

Bar Crawl w/ Rubix

Bar Crawl Policy

Know this policy before going on ANY club bar crawl

Bar Crawl Form

Complete this form 3 working days before EVERY bar crawl

Overnight UK Trip

Please provide details of your Overnight UK Trip

UK Day Trip Form

Please provide details of your UK Day Trip

Trip Abroad (Self-organised)

Please provide details of your self-organised Trip Abroad

Trip Abroad (tour-operated)

Please provide details of your tour-operated Trip Abroad

Trip Itinerary

Detailed outline of trip (required)

Participant List

Trip participant list (required)

Events & Trip Guide


Equipment & Kit

Club Inventory Template

Use this form to record your club inventory

SSP Club Storage Agreement

Complete and return this form to Carella detailing what you keep in SSP outside store

Other Information

Sporting Code of Conduct

Circulate this amongst clubs members

Initiations Policy

Important policy which all committees must read on Initiations

Team Surrey Logo Guidelines

Guidelines for Team Surrey logo use

Club Start-up

Guide on how to start-up a new or dormant clubs

Kit Policy 2017-18

Please click for further information.

Cancelled Training

Info on cancelled club sessions

Development Plan Template

2016/17 Template will be here in May 2016

Team Surrey Finance Training

Training PDF fom 21/05/14

Sport Club Info

BUCS & Competition Information

Activate to Participate

Entering a BUCS Competition? You need to sign up here first!


BUCS Leagues & Fixtures

BUCS Regulations

You need to know these. BUCS Rules & Regulations​

Competition Funding Form

Want to enter a competition? You'll need to complete this form and email to Carella

Playing Under Protest Form

You'll need one of these for every BUCS game you play

Officials Payment Form

To be completed by Official and signed by Captain


New Supplier Form

Each new supplier needs to complete this form

Visitor Expenses Form

Expenses forms for students and Rugby referees

Course & Coaching Funding Form

Need coaching or training for your club? Complete this form and send to Carella