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​​Good news! 

​​​You can now pay for training kit online! 

The kit below can only be used for training in and cannot be worn for university competitions, but it means you can train in style :P

​Any questions, just send an email to ​​ussu.triathlon@surrey.ac.uk​.

Unfortunately, due to a decrease in the amount of orders placed, the cost of the items has increased. Please find the updated prices below. If you ordered before the 13th February, please ensure that you pay the difference in cost to complete your order. Sorry for the inconvienience.

 Buy Golden Eye Bib Shorts

Golden Eye Bib Shorts

 Buy a Black Eye Short Sleeve Jersey

Black Eye Short Sleeve Jersey

 *Price Adjustment*

Price Adjustment: If you purchases kit through this site prior to the 13th of February and purchased both the bib and the shorts please add in this price adjustment to reflect the unfortunate increase in price of the items since ordering.