The training sessions are usually 2 hours long and consist of diverse aactivities. We start off with some fun warm ups to get everyone's blood pumping and limbs loose. This is followed by footwork and kick training which is the most technical side of things. Towards the end of the session we either spar, self training or poomsae (patterns) depending on the time of year. 

We train 3 times a week at the Surrey Sports Park however training times and venue to be confirmed. 


Yearly membership fee for the club is £25 and then there is the Sports Park fee which is £10. This is for insurance purposes. You can pay this fee through this website, on the home page.
Along with this you have to pay the mandatory sports park fees which are either £98, if you do not want to use the gym facilities, or £198 for full membership. 


​Master Bae has coached team surrey for the past 6 years. He is a 7th dan Taekwondo Athlete and has performed in the 1988 Olympic games opening ceremony.