Welcome to the Swimming & Water Polo website

We are the Swimming and Water Polo Club


We currently have nearly 100 members as part of our club​. Our coaches have had experience in teaching people from beginners all the way up to Olympic level. If you were to join a club outside of the University which offered the same level of coaching and pool time, then you would be paying around £1000. Whether you're at the beginner, recreational, or competitive level, you're welcome in our club. ​ 

Club days, held on a Wednesdays, integrate a session for both the Water polo, and Swimming members. All ability members are welcome at these training sessions. The aim of club days, is to create a fun, and social training session, which will still be hard enough develop your fitness. Out of the water exercises are included during these training sessions to ensure all of your muscles get a turn. As a reward, regular socials are held after these sessions, which are always a great night out.


Swimming Sessions

Monday: 5.30-7pm (Competitive)

Tuesday: 5.30-7pm (Competitive)

Wednesday: 2.30-4.30 (All Welcome Social Session) 

Thursday: 9-10.30pm (Recreational and Competitive)

Friday: 5.30-6.30 (Recreational and Competitive)

Water Polo

Tuesday: 9.15​-10.30pm

Wednesday: 2.30-4.30 (Swimming)

Thursday: 9.15-10.30pm

Friday: 5.30-6.30 (Swimming)

Sunday: 5:20-7:30pm​ (All Welcome Social Session)

If you are unsure what sessions to attend please talk to a committee member or come along to a social session (Wednesday Swimming or Sunday Waterpolo) if it is the start of the year. If its during the year please contact us at ussu.swimandpolo@surrey.ac.uk for more information.