BUCS Nationals is an annual competition held at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield. Novice and senior grades have the opportunity to compete at a national level against other university karate clubs. There are a range of events to compete in including Kata and Kumite events, both team and individual. We have regular competition training and coaching as well as specialist coaching from a coach assossiated with the England National Team. 

This year was the clubs most successful year at BUCS. The Men's Kumite Team made it to the quarter finals ​and we brought home 1 gold and 2 bronze medals in individual kumite:

Pauline Šiurytė - Gold, female novice kumite, over 63 kg
Fatima Khan - Bronze, female novice kumite, under 57 kg
Ray Jose Santiago - Bronze, male novice kumite, over 80 kg

                                 Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 00.51.05.png