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Join the canoe club for just £10 a year!

​​​Surrey Sports Park Membership Required

​Club Membership  includes:

  • All equipment needed
    Everything from wetsuits to kayaks.

  • Coaching
    We will teach you everything from the basics to how to play polo, paddle white-water and even free style play-boating.
  • Weekly pool kayak sessions
    On Tuesdays from 9.15pm-10.30pm 
    for just £1 per session.
  • Weekly pool kayak polo sessions
    On Sundays from 7.30pm-9.30pm 
    for just £1 per session.
  • Weekly river sessions
    Free for members on Wednesdays 1pm-5pm​.
  • Waterside Centre Use
    Following river sessions we have access to changing rooms, showers, club bar, kitchen and lounge area.
  • Opportunity for trips in the UK and abroad
    ​Check out our calendar for our upcoming trips  including polo, white-water and social events. 
  • Opportunity to represent the University
    Check out the competitions tab to see how we represent TeamSurrey.
  • Being a member of the best club on campus!!
    With weekly socials, regular sessions, exciting trips away and the chance to try something a little bit different!

Please fill in the Club Registration Form​ before paying for your membership.

 Membership for 2016/17

Please use this button to pay your membership fee for the year.
Click here for a full list of this year's members and to check your payment went through :)
​​​To join any sports club at the University of Surrey you will also need to be a member of the Surrey Sports Park (SSP). There are three membership options for students, full membership, off peak membership and club only membership. Please click here to join the sports park.​