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How to get involved if you are not and have never been a student at Surrey!

We are very happy for non-students to join us if you are looking for that University club atmosphere! We would love for you to come with us on Wednesday afternoon paddles on the river Wey in Guildford or on our trips away; provided you have your own insurance and are self-sufficient in terms of kit and ability! Unfortunately, if you are not a Surrey student or alumni, you won't be able to join us in pool sessions as we simply don't have enough space. You are also more than welcome to come along to any of our socials so do join our Facebook Members Group to find out more. In the summer we paddle at Guildford Lido on Monday evenings with Addlestone Canoe Club which is just £5 per session. To join us for Wednesdays and Trips away, we ask for an annual membership of just £10!

To paddle with us;

  1. Pay £​10 at any of our sessions
  2. Come along to any Wednesday afternoon session or evening socials
  3. Hope to see you  on a trip soon!

If the University club atmosphere is not what you are looking for then you may want to consider joining a local club such as Blackwater Valley Canoe Club or Addlestone Canoe Club instead. We paddle with both these clubs over the summer for their Lido sessions and would recommend both to anyone looking to get into kayaking.



  • I don't have my own boat/paddles/kit, can I borrow club equipment?
    • You may be able to borrow kit on a case by case basis for trips with the club although priority will always go to current students and alumni. This would be lent on the basis that if you break/lose it, you pay for it. 
  • I've never paddled before, can I join?
    • Unfortunately, we are not able to take on beginners who are not students at the university.
    • We recommend joining Blackwater Valley Canoe Club or Addlestone Canoe Club, both of which we paddle with over the summer.