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Join the canoe club for just £10 a year!

​​​Surrey Sports Park Membership Required - Alumni membership is now the same price as for current students! 

​Alumni Membership  includes:

  • Coaching
    Hopefully you received some great coaching during your time in the club and are now a pro paddler... but as the saying goes... "you never really understand something until you can teach it"! Come along to our pool sessions to brush up your own skills and to pass along your wisdom to the next generation of Surrey paddlers!
  • Weekly pool kayak sessions 
    On Tuesdays from 9.15pm-10.30pm 
    for just £1 per session.
  • Weekly pool kayak polo sessions
    On Sundays from 7.30pm-9.30pm 
    for just £1 per session.
  • Weekly river sessions
    Free for members on Wednesdays 1pm-5pm​.
  • Waterside Centre Use
    Following river sessions we have access to changing rooms, showers, club bar, kitchen and lounge area.
  • Opportunity for trips in the UK and abroad
    ​Check out our calendar for our upcoming trips  including polo, white-water and social events. 
  • Opportunity to represent the University
    So you can't enter BUCS competitions but our regional polo teams and other friendly competitions are open to non-students​.​
  • Being a member of the best club on campus!!
    With weekly socials, regular sessions, exciting trips away and the chance to try something a little bit different!​

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee to provide enough kit for all our alumni so hopefully you are now keen enough to have bought your own! If you do need to borrow something - just ask :)

To join the club for a year as an alumni;

  1. Get SSP membership from SSP reception (club only membership is now available to alumni at £105 for the year​)
  2. Pay £10 club membership using the link below...
  3. See you on the water!!​

 Alumni Membership 2016/17

Alumni Membership


  • How does alumni Team Surrey SSP membership work?
    • ​In order to join any sports club at the University of Surrey, you must be a member of SSP. This applies to both current students and alumni. There are various options available on the SSP website if you would like to use other facilities at SSP. However, as of October 2016, an alumni TeamSurrey membership is now available at the same price (of £105) as it is to current students! This 'club only' membership allows you to join any of the sports clubs at the University and to use the relevant facilities at SSP during club training sessions. This means that alumni of the Canoe Club will now be able to paddle with us during our regular pool sessions and of course to continue paddling with us on our trips away (Wednesday river sessions and trips away do not require SSP membership). To buy an alumni TeamSurrey membership, you need to take your old student card to the desk at SSP. You will then be able to join any of the University sports clubs (speak to individual clubs about how to pay their club membership fees).
  • Why is it so expensive?
    • The payment of £105 + £10 is a lot of money to pay upfront, however, it is the same as is expected of current students and when considered in comparison to other local canoe clubs, it is a fairly good deal if you plan to attend regularly!
      • Blackwater Valley Canoe Club £35 + £5 per session
        (would be equal to our £105 + £10 after 16 sessions)
      • Addlestone Canoe Club £55 + £5 per session
        (would be equal to our £105 + £10 after 12 sessions)
  • What if I only attend a few times a year?
    • You are welcome to come for up to 3 'taster sessions' after which you would be expected to pay the full membership.
  • Is there a per session payment option?
    • Unfortunately, following discussion with SSP and the SU, we are unable to offer a 'per session' payment option with either students or alumni. This is something many people would like and Team Surrey are exploring options
  • ​​What if I pay the £10 club membership but not the SSP membership?​
    • ​If you don't want to pay the £105, you can still paddle with us but you wont be able to attend pool sessions or use club kit. You will also need to make sure you have appropriate insurance for any trips away such as a valid BCU membership.
  • Could I register as a coach?
    • We are in the middle of a discussion with SSP and the SU about allowing alumni to attend as volunteer coaches if they have the qualifications that allow them to run 2* or 3* courses for students and are willing to run at least one course for free per year. If you are interested in this option or are not sure if it applies to you, please ask us at a session or email us at ussu.canoe@surrey.ac.uk.
  • I plan to coach a lot, why should I pay membership to coach?
    • ​The University of Surrey Canoe Club operates through intra-club training. This means that each year, current members coach new members who, in turn, will pass on these skills to the freshers of the following year. As their skills progress, members are also able to take advantage of multiple training courses subsidised by SSP and the canoe club. Having been members of the club, alumni will have had the opportunity to benefit from more experienced paddlers and from these subsidised courses and we hope they will continue to share the skills they have learned with our new members. We are proud of this coaching method as a club and keen to continue operating in this way in the future as it promotes an inclusive, relaxed atmosphere and allows individuals to progress at their own pace. We would be very grateful if you could continue to pass on the knowledge although as a paid member of the club you are under no obligation to coach.
  • Do I have to pay SSP membership to go on club trips?
    • No, the SSP membership covers pool sessions and insurance. This is not required to attend club trips although we do recommend registering with the BCU for personal insurance.
    • You would need to be a member of SSP and the club in order to borrow any club kit.
  • I paddled with a different University, can I get alumni membership at Surrey?
    • Whilst we would love to say yes, we are unable to offer this at this time due to limited facilities and SSP insurance reasons. We would love for you to come along to our Wednesday river sessions, weekend trips or socials though! Please see the 'Other' membership tab for more information.
  • What if I no longer have my student card?
    • Come chat to us or send us an email at ussu.canoe@surrey.ac.uk and we will sort it out with the students union.
  • What if I can't afford it?
    • I am afraid that we are unable to make exceptions as it would be unfair to full paying members of the club. Alumni are not asked to pay any more than students and should hopefully be earning more money!
  • Does full SSP membership cover Team Surrey or do I still need to pay the £105?
    • Full SSP membership will also cover you for Team Surrey.