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The Activity Zone is led by the elected Vice-President Activity and is responsible for developing new student activities, increasing participation, and ensuring that any student wanting to take part in student activities can do so without any barriers. This involves campaigning for individual development through involvement in sports clubs & societies, taking a lead on promoting our Duke of Edinburgh Award programme, and running activities that students can get involved in.​​​


​​Becky Ibbotson

VP Activity​
​​Hi, I'm Becky your​​ VP Activity for 2016 - 17.​​ Although University is about gaining a degree, it is important that students take part in activities and opportunities outside of their studies and feel comfortable in doing so. The Activity Zone is here to encourage students to get involved, to further their developement and to help with student wellbeing through involvement in as many Union activities as possible. Whether this be from joining a society to a sports club, volunteering at events or taking part within the local community. The Activity Zone is here to help students get involved in as many things as possible! 

Check out what sports clubs and societies are on offer at the bottom of this page.


You can contact me on:



01483 683922​​​​​




  Team Surrey Chair

Hana Bibi


Making a difference to the student sports experience has always been one of my passions.  I hope to make a positive difference to your time at Surrey whether that may be on or off the playing field! I believe in sports and physical activity making a positive impact on your life from a social, mental and physical well-being aspect whether that may be as a result of one social sport session a week or representing Team Surrey throughout the year."





Societies Exec. Chair

Joanne Tattersall


"My main focus as Societies Exec Chair is to improve the societies start-up and handover systems alongside the usage of media to promote society events and activities. Over my three years at Surrey I've been involved in numerous clubs and set up NutSoc in my first year. I'm passionate about student participation and am hoping to increase the number of students involved in activities outside their degree."



 Gospel Choir

Surrey Marrow

Sub Aqua


Activity Zone Member

Peter O'Shea


"I've been a part of american football throughout my entire time here at Surrey, and it has really helped me develop not only my sporting skillls but myself as a person. My three main manifesto points were organisation, excitement and engagement. This is to help both sports and societies engage as many students as possible to get involved in activities, so that students can experience their development just as I have."​​


Surrey Stingers American Football

Formula Student

Activity Zone Member

Emily Clarke


"I wanted to be part of the activity zone so that I could use my enthusiasm for extra-curricular activities to help encourage others at university to learn that you don't just have to be here for your degree- there are so many opportunities here which can help you create new friendships and achieve things which can enhance your experience at university and future job prospects. Being active and involved is a key part to university life, and I'm keen to get as many people involved as possible!"


Musical Theatre Society

Activity Zone Member

Josh Rye


"I ran to be elected because I am passionate about students getting involved in activities outside of their degree. Not only is it invaluable towards your mental and physical health, but it also boosts your employability and in many cases you end up making friends you never realised you had."