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Union Guide to Fundraising

RAG: The Guide to Fundraising  



Fundraising as a club or society is a great way to get everyone together and do something fun for a worthwhile cause. Surrey RAG is the committee associated with charity fundraising, however any group of students can organise events alongside them. RAG can lend resources and offer advice on how to fundraise legally and safely. 

RAG and the Law

Any event held within the SU to fundraise for charity must go through the RAG account. As the Students' Union is itself a charity, RAG is the only committee authorised by the Union constitution to donate money. Any fundraising activity by a Union society or club must also be authorised by RAG beforehand.

How RAG Can Help

RAG can provide advice about any aspect of fundraising, such as providing contacts, buckets and collection permits. RAG also have 'RAG Reps' - volunteers in charge of the fundraising activities within their own courts of residence. Reps can be used to get publicity for your fundraising event, or you could roganise an event in collaboration with them.

Raids and Street Collections

Street collections (or RAG Raids) are a popular way to raise money for charity with little to no cost to the volunteers. RAG organise several raids each term, with the purpose of travelling to a local town or city and collecting for the day. This is often fancy-dress, and normally there is no limit on the number of people that can go out and fundraise. If your society or club want to organise a RAG Raid, why not get in contact with RAG at ussu.rag@surrey.ac.uk?