How to prepare for Re-Freshers Fayre
What is the Re-Freshers’ Fayre?
The Re-Freshers’ Fayre is another chance for your Club or Society to promote themselves and get more membership. It is held in Rubix. This year the event will be held on Friday 15th  February. The Fayre is aimed at all students and not just freshers’ so make sure you make your stall inviting to all students, as anyone is a potential member. Planning is vital for success!

Before the Fayre
Have a rota: Find out who is able to man your stall and ensure that no one is left there alone all day. Make sure your stall is always manned a couple of enthusiastic members.
Make your stall stand out: Not only will the best dressed stall win a prize, but you’ll have lots of stalls to compete with. Make it eye-catching and give out freebies, if you have the funds to do so (this will have to come from your own funds).
Plan what information you want to get across: What do potential members need to know? Its worth have some flyers for people to take away with them. All promotion material should have a clear contact name and emails so they know who to get in touch with!
Plan an event: Have a meeting/event or social booked and planned so that you have an actual event to get people along to as soon as they have signed up. Or plan a free taster session so that people know what they are getting in to.
What info do you need? What info do you need from students when they sign up? And how will you gather this info?
On the day: Turn up early so that you have plenty of time to set up.

At the Fayre

· Be enthusiastic and friendly, confident and chatty, but don’t scare people off with aggressive sales techniques

· Don’t overcrowd your stall with members otherwise you might appear intimidating and cliquey.
· Wear committee t-shirts if you have them as it makes you easier to spot.
· Be honest and let people know what they will get from joining your group.
· Make sure your stall is manned at all times – keep cash and personal belongings somewhere safe and out of reach. If you find a valuable that isn’t yours hand it over to the Union stand.
· If you have any problems on the day speak to someone at the Union Stand.


· Save resources for the whole day so there is still some for the late comers.
· Bring lots of water and pens.