The Students' Union Elections 2013


 Do you want to take part in a life changing experience?

There are 15 positions up for election, and you have until 11th Februarty to nominate yourself

The following full time, sabbatical positions are available

  • President
  • Vice-President Welfare
  • Vice-President Education
  • Vice-President Societies & Individual Development
  • Vice-President Sports and Recreation




Each position attracts an annual salary (in 2013 it will be a minimum of £18,300). It is recommended that you take accommodation on campus and as such will be eligible to apply for a room. As this is full time, you will be taking a year out (a sabbatical) from your course or from entering your chosen career after graduation. You cannot do this as a placement


The following student, volunteer positions are available


  • Union Chairperson* (also a trustee)
  • Events & Trading Officer
  • Communications Officer
  • Ethics & Environmental Officer
  • Community Officer
  • Equality & Diversity officer
  • Postgraduate Officer
  • International Development Officer
  • Editor-In-Chief **
  • RAG Chair


You perform these roles part time as a volunteer, whilst you are a student. For this reason you should not stand for one of these roles if you are a final year student, unless you intend to progress to a postgraduate course and remain a student
*Union Chairperson takes the place of the student trustee on the Union Trustee board, you cannot be paid by the Students’ Union when you take this role, therefore if you are currently employed by the Students’ Union (e.g. as bar staff) you will not be able to take this role and carry on in your job.
**Editor In Chief has an allowance of £3,500 per annum. This is not a salary; this is an allowance so the student filling this role does not take on a part time job outside of their studies and has the time available to dedicate to the role.


If you are ready to know more, read our nomination guide

Nomination Pack 2013.pdfNomination Pack 2013.pdf

To nominate yourself, you will need 8 proposers, any student can be a proposer but you can only propose one candidate in the elections. The absolute deadline is 4pm on Monday 11th February, but don't leave it too late in case of technical difficulites.
When you are ready, fill out the nomination form below (make sure you are logged in first
Open the Nomination Form
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