About NUS


“NUS (National Union of Students) is a voluntary membership organisation which makes a real difference to the lives of students and its member students' unions.


We are a confederation of 600 students' unions, amounting to more than 95 per cent of all higher and further education unions in the UK. Through our member students' unions, we represent the interests of more than seven million students.
Our mission
Our mission is to promote, defend and extend the rights of students and to develop and champion strong students' unions.
Our vision
Our vision is of NUS as a pioneering, innovative and powerful campaigning organisation: the national voice of students. We will fight barriers to education, empower students to shape both a quality learning experience and the world around them, supporting influential, democratic and well-resourced students' unions”
The University of Surrey Students’ Union is affiliated to the National Union of Students, and we pay an affiliation fee towards the National Union. As an affiliated Union, we have an entitlement to send a number of delegates to the annual National Conference (NUS Conference) each year. This year we will have 4 delegates, 3 of which will be elected by University of Surrey students. The president takes the remaining place as delegation leader

About NUS National Conference

National Conference 2012
National Conference is the sovereign body of NUS which takes place each spring and runs for three days. Every constituent member is entitled to send at least one representative to participate in Conference, passing policy that sets the priorities of the national union for the coming year.
2012 will continue the debate on fees as the first 9k students arrive at University. There are many issues still resolve and everything is still all to play for. Expect fierce debates and some lively fringe events, as well as the elections for next years NUS Sabbs
Is the NUS site for conference, and in the next few days more information regarding conference 2012 will be published


Being a delegate

As a delegate, you will be representing the University of Surrey Students’ Union, and you will be entitled to speak during the debates (providing you manage to catch the chairpersons eye), and as a delegation you will need to decide which way to vote for each motion. The motions presented at the conference will collectively make up the policy for the NUS for the next year, in the same way policy process at your own Union is guided.
The NUS operate a safe space policy, as well as an equal opportunities policy; be aware you are attending a diverse but also a politically charged event and are expected to respect all other delegates’ views.
As a representative of the University of Surrey you should ensure you have read and understood the ‘code of conduct’ in the constitution rules.
Rules do exist within the NUS constitution for expulsion of any delegate from the event.

Standing for election to an NUS position

There are six full time officers for the NUS (sabbaticals) to which you are entitled to stand for. There are fifteen part time officer positions. Again, information on these elections will be available at www.nusconnect.org.uk

Conference Details

The conference is being held on 24th-26h April 2011 in Sheffield
The conference schedule is very demanding, you will begin as soon as you arrive, and in between debates there are fringe events to attend.
The Students’ Union will pay for your travelling expenses for attending (more than likely all delegates will travel together, however you may make your own way there if it is more convenient)
Accommodation and meals are provided at the conference. The delegate fee is paid by the Students Union as part of the NUS affiliation fee.


There will be no budget for campaigning; candidates will be given a leaflet allocation of 500 A5 leaflets.
There will be a summary display of all candidates in Rubix and Chancellors.  Candidate’s manifestos will be produced in the Stag.
Hustings will also be webcast, and available for review online.
As there is no budget for campaigning, and delegate who appears to have spent money on their campaign in the opinion of the returning officer will be disqualified.


Voting will be electronic.
The voting system is STV (multiple winner) and so voters have an opportunity to vote for the order of preference of candidates (1,2,3, etc). R.O.N (none of the above) will also be an option.
The four candidates with the most votes will become delegates.


For questions about the NUS Conference, please contact NUS through officer online
For questions regarding the election at Surrey, please contact Alan Roy,
Please complete your nomination before noon on Friday 14th  October

Submitting a motion

Motions originate from individual member Unions, not individual students; therefore any motion for NUS conference will have to be approved and submitted by the Executive committee. Please contact the Union Chairperson or President if you would like to present a motion for consideration